Out of hardship an opportunity

Under the motto "still standing", a heartfelt project was launched, with the sole purpose of spreading hope and strength throughout the world. The sale of napkins to companies, retailers, restaurateurs and private customers is intended to bring families in need hope as gift of Christmas miracle.

The idea for the initiative arose out of our own dismay. When asked how she was coping having been through so much lately and how she deals with the state of things, the employee replied "I'm still standing!". The employees of the Euskirchen district plant experienced this summer the consequences of flood disaster at first hand. Houses in ruins, a broken infrastructure, disabledpower grids, polluted drinking water … to name but a few: the reconstruction in the region is still ongoing and progressing at a slow pace – a calm, regular everyday life is not yet to be thought of.

Yet, we are optimistic. "Still standing" is supposed to bring courage to people. It is important to turn hardships into opportunities and to look positively to the future. Above all, we wish to strengthen solidarity and the sense of togetherness among people. We accomplish this by doing what we do best – producing high-quality paper napkins with a Christmas motive for this very occasion.

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still standing

is an initiative from FASANA GmbH.

For over 100 years, the company has been one of the leading European providers of innovative and high-quality tissue products for the consumer and whole sale market worldwide.


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